at the Pico Playhouse through April 17th

"The acting work crackles with subtext and
organic emotion. At first the prickly,
unforgiving Phillip seems monstrously
dismissive — but in Bofshever's increasingly
subtle, pragmatic turn, we gradually start to
realize the insecurities underlying his selfloathing."
Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

" her button down, uptight husband Phillip, Bofshever’s highly-textured, multi-layered, deeply emotional performance is almost a tour-de-force."
Bev Cohn, Sant Monica Mirror

"Michael Bofshever gives an excellent,
painstakingly-crafted performance as the
manifold and tortured Phillip Gellburg.
Bofshever injects each of his lines with
carefully calculated non-verbal language,
tenderness, and a succinctly driven voice.
His stage presence is a once meek and bold
—a perfect interpretation of Miller’s"
Miaka Bonadonna-Morano,
"Miller gives us a magnifying glass on the lives and
internal grappling of his main Jewish characters,
all sons and daughters of immigrants. There is
Phillip Gellburg, played masterfully by Michael
Georja Umano, Splash Magazine

"Set in 1938, Brooklyn, New York, one
Phillip Gellburg, Michael Bofshever in
a pitch-perfect performance."
Ben Miles, Long Beachcomber

"Phillip Gellburg, portrayed brilliantly by Michael Bofshever, tries to over compensate for everything, so that he will not be judged by anyone. Yet, the realization of what is occurring in the world around him has paralyzed him. He is terrified of his employer, the world, and strangely enough his own wife."
Randall Gray, Yahoo Contributor Network

"I went expecting a rather out of date play…but it is Arthur Miller after all, so I took a chance. What abrilliant evening of theater and as relevant today aswhen it was written. Not only is the play amazing, but the acting is the best ensemble performing I have seen in LA. This is from a NY theater snob! The theater is alive and well at the Pico Playhouse with this production. It’s a “must see."
Goldstar Audience Review

"A marvelously intimate and intense staging of one of Arthur Miller’s late works. Michael Bofshever brings hope and humanity to an
anguished husband, struggling with guilt over
his wife’s apparent hysterical paralysis. He
gives a detailed, nuanced, yet powerful
performance that anchors a supremely gifted
cast. A great night in theatre."
Steve Armour, Gold Star Five Stars