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"Michael has a passion for acting, actors, and the arts in general that is infectious. He literally starts out his remarks with "I love actors" and it only gets better from there. My students were on the edge of their seats listening. His presentation is witty, profound, incisive, and packed with insights, tips, suggestions, and encouragement that makes for an hour and a half of "everything you need to know" and then some. My students asked question after question until we simply ran out of time. Bring Michael Bofshever to talk to your actors, it's an enriching joyful experience for all."

John Short
CSU Fullerton


Chapman University BFA Theatre Students had this to say about Michael:

"Michael provided an invaluable class experience by sharing his own experiences as a working actor and by bringing in a wide variety of speakers from the industry. This class gave me a realistic view into what it means to pursue a career in this competitive business, tangible steps to take, and also important inspiration and excitement about beginning this journey."
-Kayla Topp BFA, Chapman University '16

"Thank you for teaching Business of Acting this semester. That class was by far the most useful. You are a great teacher and director! I just wanted to thank you for all your work."
-Nicholas Bustamante
Chapman University BFA'16

"The class helped to demystify some of this strange business I'm going into--the information was much more valuable then simply reading an article or buying a book, because we got to meet people from all over the industry and hear their experiences first hand."
Drew Petriello Chapman University, BFA '16

"Michael's vast experiences and undying passion to the art of storytelling is both contagious and inspiring." -Adam Sherman, BFA, Chapman University '15

"Extremely passionate about sharing his experience with the rising generation of actors, Michael Bofshever, is an enthusiastic and generous speaker and teacher." Isabelle Grimm, BFA, Chapman University '15

"Michael Bofshever is an incredibly knowledgeable actor passing on his knowledge… truly inspiring." – Lucas Gust, BFA, Chapman University '15

"He gave me a better understanding of balancing humility and confidence in my work, and to never give up, keeping at it." - Morgan Lauff, BFA, Chapman University '15


Interlochen Academy. July 1, 2014

"…we all felt so lucky to have you come in. after you left, the room was utterly jazzed. We talked for another hour! Everyone felt inspired in all different ways. A lot was just hearing things that they knew in their heart but hadn’t had iterated in a coherent compassionate manner as you are so gifted at doing. Several wanted to brainstorm how they could be more pro-active leading to a discussion of how they could all use each other that way. It was a fantastic evening and I am very grateful to you. So a huge thanks. You have a real gift."
James Eckhouse Actor/Teacher
March 18, 2013

"Michael, you were so terrific. I can't thank you enough for the passion, wisdom, and clarity you brought to our gathering. I was just so happy and grateful for what you did."
Randell Mell, Acting Teacher USC School of Theatre

"I am so happy to have been in your class with you Michael ... I cannot express to you how wonderful your teaching style and HEART is... how lucky lucky lucky those kids at USC are to have been under your wing..."
Lucinda Jenney, Actress

“Michael restored my confidence at auditions and helped me reconnect with my love for acting.”
Lucy Butler, guest star "24" and "Criminal Minds."

"When I first contacted Michael I was unsure of everything--how to start, where to start, and once I got started what it was going to be like. Michael not only gave me the tools to get myself organized and inspired to get started, but he has been in touch and supportive of me through every step of my career. Now that I have theatrical and commercial reps and been going on TV and film auditions, he has been an invaluable coach, helping me make choices to get those callbacks! He is the "Actor Whisperer!!!!"
Alexis Carra, Actress

"Michael's advice, encouragement and understanding of the business are priceless. He inspired me to take control of my career and has been beyond helpful. I highly recommend his career counseling to anyone who is ready to take their career to the next level but not quite sure how."
Ashleigh Prather, Actress