Michael Bofshever, creator and moderator of the
"Journey of the Working Actor"

seminar sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, combines 30 years of wisdom from being a working actor with his knowledge of the acting process, honed during 20 years of teaching, to inform and enlighten aspiring actors about the “how to” of creating and maintaining a professional career. By moderating a panel discussion with colleagues or conducting a solo workshop on craft and career, Bofshever inspires actors with practical information that is useful in the worlds of film, television, and stage. By demystifying the journey, Bofshever helps actors gain the skills, beyond talent, required to succeed.


"Michael Bofshever brought a wealth of professional and personal experience to CLU students. In two short hours, he inspired them to dig deep within themselves and ignite the pursuit of their dreams. Whether addressing the nuts and bolts of show business, or discussing the larger landscape of being an artist in the 21st century, or reciting poetry learned in his youth, he managed to cover territory that resonated with each student. They were captivated, engaged and grateful to hear a consummate professional share his profound passion for a life in the arts.
Susan Angelo, actress, director, teacher
California Lutheran University

" I thought the workshop was really awesome!. Very insightful and informative. Michael was hilarious. It was realistic, yet still empowering and encouraging."
Kyle Poppert

"Michael is an engaging, full of energy, motivational speaker... the main idea I got from the workshop, is that a person who's dedicated and passionate, will stop at nothing to make it happen." Magyar Mirzazadeh

"I loved the workshop...everything he said was very useful and really touched on things I'm worried about."
Maya De La Torre

"...it was inspiring, informative and encouraging... it gave me a good plan to follow after graduation."
Olivia Leyva, California Lutheran University

"Michael Bofshever is a massive mind of genius when it comes to offering aspiring actors a wealth of implementable insight into advancing a career and honing a craft. Michael has been offering the successful “Journey of the Working Actor” seminars to SAG branch members across the country for years. His hard work and dedication is an inspiration and his intimate knowledge on the craft of acting is unparalleled."

Simon Anthony Abou-Fadel
The non-profit Screen Actors Guild Foundation
Assisting, Educating, and Inspiring Actors

"We can see why he is one of the finest acting teachers in Los Angeles."
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Chairman, SAG Conservatory, San Diego

"A working actor himself, Michael has successfully identified the tools an actor needs to thrive. “Journey of the Working Actor” seminar is a wonderful blend of anecdotes and facts. Michael speaks from experience and I believe this is a must for any actor serious about their career."
Bob Telford
SAG Hollywood Conservatory
Actors Evening Committee Chair

"I wanted to thank you for the truly, brilliant job you did of moderating the panel. I mean that, Michael. I can't imagine it going any better. Your segues of topic were seamless and you had such a perfect handle on the timing of the conversation...allowing for room to elaborate yet keeping it moving. I am impressed and full of gratitude."
John Benitz
Professor of Theater
Chapman University
ATHE Conference

Your presentation shows the possibility of becoming a working actor: We learn how to make a living via recognizable examples of people who do it, and you leave the audience with the sense that being a working actor is something real and attainable and even, dare I say, normal. Your seminars take acting down off the pedestal, remove the haze and fear and make an acting career possible. You are giving a great gift to actors.”
Will Radford, Actor

Michael has conducted the Journey of the Working seminars in conjunction with the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in Hollywood, New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco branches. He has spoken at the Players Academy Los Angeles, SAG Conservatory at the American Film Institute, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts NY, Interlochen Academy Michigan, Idaho Film and Television Institute. College appearances include, Rice University, Washington University St. Louis, Emory University, UCLA, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Wisconsin, Long Beach State College, Boston University College of Fine Arts, Columbia College of Chicago, San Francisco State, UC Irvine, Chapman College, Colorado College, University of Montana, Cal State Fullerton, Newport Beach Film Festival, Ojai Film Festival and California Lutheran University.

“Mr. Bofshever’s New York seminar for the SAG Foundation was a resounding success. His enthusiasm and great insights offered our members fresh inspiration, and a wealth of new options in their approach to succeeding as professional performers.”
Franz Reynolds, SAG Foundation, NY