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"Your Face Looks Familiar...
How to Get Ahead as a Working Actor"

by Michael Bofshever

"I've never read anything for actors that tells the truth and inspires them at the same time until I read Michael Bofshever's book, Your Face Looks Familiar... Actors, keep it in your car and read it before auditions!"
Barbara Deutsch, Entertainment and Career Coach

"I have just finished reading your book and wanted to say I found it to be very insightful into this business. What I found most comforting is that it explains the basics of this industry, what to expect and how to cope with it. I think that was my biggest worry. Even though I'm fortunate to have an agent I was wondering where do I, myself, as an actor start? The book has helped me with that question and has given me many other insights. Its also nice to know other actors have gone through this and how they overcame it."
Kalmindar Rai

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Thank you from CHICAGO!!  Feb. 6th 2007
Hello Michael, This is one of Brad Mott's students from Columbia that you talked to when we were in LA. I just wanted to say thank you again for coming in and talking to us. Your advice and encouragement were invaluable! I read your book in the airport and on my flight back to Chicago and I loved it! What amazing advice an actor can take with them from your book! I think you're a very talented and smart man and I think you're incredibly generous to offer your knowledge of the business with fellow actors. It's completely selfless and TOTALLY appreciated. I found so much clarity listening to you and all of the speakers. I am finishing up my last semester of school at Second City doing improv and sketch comedy, and I will probably spend a couple of years in Chicago before I move out to LA, but I feel now that I am ready and I know how to go about starting my career. Thanks in large part to you and the others I was truly encouraged to go after what I love to do. Thanks so much again, and best of luck
with everything you do!
Allison Bosma

Real Stories from Reel Actors,  Amazon, July 14, 2006
Reviewer: S. Stewart (NYC)
Rating: Four Stars

I heard Michael Bofshever speak at a Screen Actors Guild event recently. He has a genuine respect for the craft of acting, and over many years of being a professional actor, has come to terms with the realities of a career in 'the biz'.

The beginning of each chapter in this book is great at describing the various aspects of a working actor's career and everyday life. Then there are blurbs from actors whose faces really are 'familiar', like Marcella Lowery from 'The Cosby Show' or James Rebhorn from 'Talented Mr. Ripley'. The stories are fun and down-to-earth, and truly give you a picture of what the entire process of becoming a professional actor is like.

Because you are reading verbatim accounts from each person, you get many different perspectives on the types of successful careers one can have. It can be a little confusing sometimes to go from story to story, but all in all it's really informative and a fascinating read, for anyone interested in what it's really like to be an actor!

From 5/8/06:

How to Get Ahead as a Working Actor
Rating: Four Stars - Of value for any actor

I think this is a pretty good book for any actor, regardless of what stage of his career presently occupies. It is a realistic guide to the acting profession. As a professional returning to performing after 24 years on Wall Street, I found it a good reminder of many things I had forgotten. Bofshever gives knowledgeable advice on how to break in and, more important, how to stay in the acting business. Particularly valuable to me was the chapter on what to expect and how to behave once you report for work on a television or film sound stage. The book is divided into ten chapters in which Bofshever gives his views on a particular aspect of performing professionally (auditions, agents, acting teachers, day jobs, stage acting vs. film acting, mental health, etc.). At the end of each chapter, he quotes additional comments culled from interviews with other working actors about their experience. The 60 actors interviewed are all of different physical types, ethnicity and ages. Each of them has something worthwhile to say. The hardest part of the profession is the constant rejection and the long periods of unemployment. These actors have all been through it and their experience and advice is worth reading about. The life of an actor is a difficult one. Only the strong can take it. Bofshever's book can perhaps make it a little less painful. Four stars.

From actress Gina Rowland 5/23/06:
Dear Michael,
I sent you an email back in February after reading your book. Then an audition came up so I re-read that chapter on audition know-how and following that, went to the audition for its own sake, because I wanted to see what happened when I just went in there and offered up what I had without straining for a result. I got the part - it was for a new play called Preacherosity about a small Baptist church in Texas - and we've
just finsihed a four week run at the Jermyn Street Theatre and there's talk of a transfer. The reviews were all good and we had a great time. I went into the first audition for it with a 'caring less about caring' frame of mind and ended up in a show that I wouldn't have missed for the world. It's kind of neat how that all happened. Thank you.
Best wishes,
Gina Rowland

by Jacqueline Bundy
for TREK NATION 3/26/06

There are men and women who are steadily working actors despite the overwhelming odds against them making a living as a performer. You may not always know their names, but you often know their faces. One of the reasons for their success is that each of them knows, from personal experience, that it takes a lot more than just talent and a good agent to have a successful acting career.

The new book Your Face Looks Familiar... offers practical advice to anyone who is interested in, or currently pursuing, an acting career - advice that is based on the cumulative experience of a broad range of professional working actors. Among those sharing their knowledge are Star Trek alumni Ethan Phillips (Neelix), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Armin Shimerman (Quark) and Gregory Itzin (Admiral Black, Dr. Dysek).

Author Michael Bofshever has drawn on his 30 years of experience as a working actor, acting teacher and director on stage, television, and in film to write Your Face Looks Familiar..., but what really makes this excellent informational title stand out are the excerpts from dozens of interviews with a wide range of working actors, each of whom share their personal experiences of learning to navigate "the business".

The book is organized into ten chapters that cover the subject matter in a very thorough and matter-of-fact way. Bofshever's text is straight forward and extremely readable. His own text opens each chapter and then he lets the actors he has interviewed take it from there. The actors themselves tell you how they made their journeys.

Bofshever obviously took great care in the selection of excerpts and the stories that are shared provide great insight into all aspects of successfully pursuing a career as an actor. I certainly have more respect for those individuals who choice this path after reading this book.

Anyone who is interested in acting, or actors, whether or not you have any inclination to act themselves will find Your Face Looks Familiar... to be an interesting and informative reading experience.


CUSTOMER REVIEWS from Barnes and
Number of Reviews: 3 Average Rating: Five Stars

A reviewer, a working actor, December 7, 2005,
A beautiful, inspiring book
This is a wonderful book for both new and experienced actors, as well as for those simply interested in the art of acting. This book contains much useful information about how to train, work and channel your passion for the craft of acting. Each chapter also contains interviews with successful, working actors whose stories inspire, inform, and amuse. For those love the craft of acting, this book is a must-have!

Paul Lee, A reviewer, December 5, 2005,
'How to' book for all levels
As one who left the acting field too early in my career, I feel this is a book that might have convinced me to perservere. Bofshever's insights transcend his profession, and are bedrock advice that pertains to any field of endeavor. This is a book that has relevance--in or out of acting. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Richard Warner, Head of Acting - Univ of Virginia, November 28, 2005,
This 'How -to' text will really help you!
There are far too many books out there that give you advice about your acting career - how to garner success, meet the agents, maximize your creativity. Buy this one. Michael Bofshever is a working actor and a celebrated LA master teacher. This book will inspire you, organize your thinking, give you survival tactics, reveal how working actors, not stars, work.

"Your Face Looks Familiar...
How to Get Ahead as a Working Actor"

Michael's authoritative new book on craft and career for the professional actor