“… Michael Bofshever is one of the finest acting teachers in Los Angeles…”

Actors Guide to Qualified Acting Coaches – Los Angeles, Smith & Kraus

Michael’s class helps the actor create an approach to acting that is flexible, personal and marketable in an intensive, creative setting. Actors who have studied with Michael Bofshever have gone on to successful careers in film, television, theatre and commercials.

“… Mike’s a terrific, terrific teacher. Study with him!”
Joe Pantoliano, Actor, Memento, The Matrix, The Sopranos


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“…You leave his class with the energy and enthusiasm necessary for the working actor.”
Lucinda Jenny, Actress, Thirteen Days, American Heart

The class is a combination of individual and group exercises, as well as rehearsed scene work. Each class incorporates techniques that stimulate your inner life and creative imagination, create your own sense of character, cultivate trust in your intuition and also strengthen breathing and relaxation.

“…He has the passion and knowledge of what it takes to be an actor…”
Mark Rydell, Director, On Golden Pond, Crime of the Century

“…His class is revolutionary and essential to the actor.”
Chase Winton, Teacher/Director Groundlings

All of the work is done with emphasis on the individual. Certain techniques work better for certain actors; Michael’s class helps you create a solid process that is uniquely your own. The class encourages actors to bring themselves to the work, creating highly personal and powerful characterizations in a safe yet challenging environment.

“…Michael’s the real deal an acting teacher you can trust.”
Leslie Allan Rice, Theatrical Manager

“…Michael is a fine coach and innovative teacher.”
Michael Howard, Acting Teacher, NYC

Within this class you will gain the necessary techniques that will work on the set or on the stage. The training and skills you develop at the Michael Bofshever Studio will not only help you to book work, but will sustain a long and varied career as a working actor.

“…If you are an actor, take this opportunity to study with Michael Bofshever…”
Risa Bramon Garcia, Director, 200 Cigarettes; Casting Director, JFK, Speed

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